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【2nd round of the league, Wofoo Tai Po face Eastern again】

HKPL has entered the second cycle. Wofoo Tai Po will return to the Tai Po S/G at home tomorrow (4/2) to face Eastern. The two sides had a 0:0 draw in the first round, but the opponents have strengthened the squad. It is believed that it will be a tough battle again.

Kwok Chun Nok, a product of the club’s youth training who recently started to play in league games, made it clear that the opponents will be more difficult to deal with than last time: “Overall, the recent results of Eastern are good, and with the new signings, the strength must be stronger than we faced last time. But the team’s atmosphere are positive, and the coach has made targeted deployments to guard against opponents. Nothing is impossible on the ground, as long as the team does its best, we can also achieve good results against them.”



Wofoo Tai Po vs Eastern

2023-02-04|15:00|TP S/G|$80, $30| PPV


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