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【Tam Long Ming: Looking forward to Soccer Sevens for a long time】

Tai Po Football Club will be led by Coach Tam Long Ming, with Joao Emir serving as the assistant coach, in the HKFC Citi Soccer Sevens.

The group stage opponents this time include Aston Villa, Rangers, and Yau Yee League Select. Coach Tam believes that the opponents in the group stage are strong and he is looking forward to it. He said, "Our opponents this time include strong teams from the English Premier League and the Scottish Premier League, as well as local team who are not weak. However, I believe that we have an advantage in the seven-a-side game because our players have experience in local seven-a-side competitions, which gives us an advantage in tactical application, positioning, and movement."

Regarding the selection of players, he believes that all aspects have been balanced well. He said, "Our selection is well-equipped in defense, and in terms of attack, we will utilize different players to connect and utilize wingers for breakthroughs, hoping to achieve different tactical combinations."

Finally, Coach Tam hopes to score at least one goal in the match and strive for victory to advance to the cup competition, allowing the players to participate in higher-level matches and gain more experience. In addition, Joao Emir also hopes to convey his tactical ideas to the players in his role as an assistant coach and gain experience from the coaching staff.


The group stage matches of the 16 main tournament teams will all take place on May 27. The schedule for Tai Po's matches is as follows:

16:14 Aston Villa vs. Tai Po Football Club

17:56 Tai Po Football Club vs. Yau Yee League Select

19:21 Rangers vs. Tai Po Football Club

The top two teams in the group stage will advance to the cup competition, while the 3rd and 4th-placed teams will participate in the plate competition. Both knockout matches will take place on May 28.

Squad List

63 李瀚灝 Li Hon Ho 94 謝家榮 Tse Ka Wing 4 馮冠鳴 Fung Kwun Ming 6 羅振庭 Law Chun Ting 10 雷仙奴 Luizinho 17 陳曉鋒 Chan Hiu Fung 26 李家豪 Lee Ka Ho 27 黃祖心 Wong Cho Sum 33 加比爾 Cividini Moreira Gabriel Roberto 80 鍾偉強 Chung Wai Keung 99 鄭子森 Cheng Tsz Sum

Tai Po will wear specially prepared jerseys for this tournament. See you all at the Hong Kong Football Club this weekend!

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