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【Wofoo Tai Po demolish Kitchee 2:1】

Wofoo Tai Po set up a ring at Tai Po Sports Ground to face Kitchee yesterday (March 19). Even though we were "underestimated" before the game, the "Green Warriors" were still fearless and persisted throughout the game. In the end, Paulinho scored a goal in the first and second halves and defeated 1-player-less Kitchee 2:1.

Before the game, it was expected that the opponent would adopt a consistent aggressive style of play, so in this game, the team will defend well first , and then seize the opponent's backcourt space to make an counter attack. In the 18th minute, Lee Ka Ho took a corner kick from the right. Gabriel overwhelmed the defender and succeeded in grabbing the point. Paulinho put the ball into the back of the net to help the home team take the lead.

After the break, the situation on the field remained the same. Our side continued to rely on defensive counterattacks to create threats, and made another gain in the 60th minute: goalkeeper Tse Ka Wing kicked the goal kick with a big power, the opponent made a mistake with a header, and the ball fell to Paulinho's feet. Under the pressure of Russell, he was still able to break into the penalty area and shot at the far post to secure Tai Po the win. Seven minutes later, Kitchee scored near the box and bought the game into a critical time. In stoppage time, Russell got the red card. In the end, Wofoo Tai Po narrowly defeated Kitchee 2:1, who had played in the Round of 16 of the AFC Champions League.

After two games in March, Wofoo Tai Po grabbed a total of 4 points against the top half in the league. The goalkeeper Tse Ka Wing, who has performed well recently, has also successfully entered the final squad of the Hong Kong Representative Team for the international friendly match in March. The first match will be against Singapore at the Mong Kok Stadium on March 23. We hope all fans will support Ka Wing and Hong Kong team.


Wofoo Tai Po 2:1 Kitchee| FT


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