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【Wofoo Tai Po determined for a victory in Tsing Yi】

Wofoo Tai Po will play their 3rd league game in February tomorrow (19/2), at 3:00 pm against RCFC at the Tsing Yi S/G. The team grabbed a important victory at home last week. The coach said that the opponent has never been a easy team and it is challenging.

Having played for the team for nearly 20 years, Sze Kin Wei Ken, who has accompanied the team's ups and downs, believes that the team's confidence, morale and state have been improving: "The record and performance in the first half of the season may not be as ideal, but we started to show our own style since January, the communication and tactic understanding must be better than before. Even though we were defeated by them in the first round, I believe that if our team can play at the recent level, it will definitely be able to succeed in revenge.”


RCFC vs Wofoo Tai Po

2023-2-19|15:00|Tsing Yi Sports Ground|$80, $30| Pay-Per-View




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