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【Wofoo Tai Po facing challenges from Lee Man in Saping Cup】

Wofoo Tai Po will challenge the big enemy Lee Man in the Sapling Cup tomorrow (October 9). The match will start at Tai Po S/G at 3pm. The team won a big victory last match and the morale has been boosted. We hopes to pursue the victory and continue to play well.

Joining the Tai Po Youth Academy at the age of 16, young striker Pang Yam Pung, like Kwok Chun Lok, was promoted to the first team in the 20/21 season. He believes that participating in the top-tier leagues is more challenging than playing in the lower divisions in the past: "Regardless of training and match, the requirements of the HKPL must be higher than First division, so we must maintain focus and improve stability, and minimize mistakes. You have to decide the next step immediately, don’t think too much. In addition, you should pay more attention to your life outside the field, relax and rest more, so as to improve the efficiency of recovery.”

Ivan also said that he has always gotten along well with his teammates: "Many teammates have already cooperated in First Division, so there is no problem of adaptation. I am playing professionally in the first season, and many teammates in the team have HKPL experience, such as Chan Hiu Fung, Sze Kin Wai and Ander Naves. They share their experience with us from time to time, and they take care of us both on and off the pitch, so we enjoy our time with the team.”

Finally, he shared the goals he set for himself before the start of the season: "As a young player, I have few experience in the game, so I hope that I can train as hard as I can to get the chance to play and gain more experience. Besides, I playing an offensive position in the team, I hope that not only performing good, but also score some goals.”


Sapling Cup Group Stage - Group A

Lee Man vs Wofoo Tai Po

2022-10-09|15:00|Tai Po S/G|$80, $30| PPV Live

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