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【Wofoo Tai Po ready for away game at HKFC after 7 years】

Wofoo Tai Po will once again away HKFC in the HKPL after 7 years tomorrow (12/3) at 4:30 pm.

Wofoo Tai Po had a bye last week, so they played reserve league with first team players such as Lee Ka Ho, Chung Wai Keung, Sze Kin Wai, etc., Jordan Jarvis scored twice, Kwok Chun Lok, Pang Yum Pung scored and the opponent's own goal defeated Eastern 5:0.

In the first match against the HKFC this season, Lee Ka Ho, known as the "Gunner Ho" for his long shots, hopes to avenge the two games in this battle: "This season, we lost HKFC twice. This time We know the opponent’s style of play, and we are fully prepared, hoping to repay the support of the fans with three points. The atmosphere at the HKFC’s home is very good, and we are all looking forward to the coming of this game.”

HKFC vs Wofoo Tai Po

2023-3-12|16:30|HK Football Club Ground|$80, $30| PPV




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