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【Wofoo Tai Po ready to take on a new challenge in BC Rangers】

Wofoo Tai Po will continue their away trip tomorrow (October 30th), visiting the Hammer Hill Road Sports Ground at 3 pm, to face BC Rangers in the HKPL. The team lost to the opponent by only one goal in the previous Senior Shield first-round. All Tai Po's players hope to go all out to grab points and avenge their defeat.

Yung Hui To, who joined on loan this season, believes that the team is absolutely strong in a fight: "We only lost one goal against them in Senior Shield. The situation on the field is also equal, and the team has won the game, morale is in good shape. We have the ability to score points and even win in this game. Of course, I will not put too much pressure on myself and my teammates. I have played more this season then before, and I have gradually adapted to the rhythm and mentality of the game.

Talking about his personal goals for the season, Yung stated bluntly that he hopes to continue to gain experience: "I am still young, and the most important thing is to gain experience and progress while I am growing up. I will try my best to win every point for the club. This is a goal and a responsibility to show yourself on the pitch."


Next Match:


BC Rangers vs Wofoo Tai Po

2022-10-30|15:00|Hammer Hill Road S/G|$80, $30| PPV


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