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【Wofoo Tai Po secure victory against HKU23 on the road】

Wofoo Tai Po was away to the bottom team Hong Kong U23. The Green Warriors won over their opponents 3-0 with Paulinho scoring a goal in the first and second halves, and Chan Hiu Fung added the icing on the cake.

In the early stage of the match, the away team had already dominated the game. Paulinho, Luizinho and Chung Wai Keung also recorded many shots. In stoppage time at halftime, Gabriel made a diagonal pass to Luizinho in the penalty area, and the latter made a cross to Paulinho. Three Brazilian jointly created a goal to gave Tai Po the 1:0 lead.

Changing sides to fight again, Tai Po continued to actively attack,Chung Wai Keung and Joao Emir's attacks were even a hair's breadth apart. Until the 78th minute, the team relied on a quick counterattack. Paulinho pasted the defender and put it in at the far post, scoring twice. Later in a corner kick melee, captain Chan Hiu Fung scored a goal, securing the victory at 3:0. Paulinho was awarded the POTM award by the HKFA after the game.


HK U23 0:3 Wofoo Tai Po|FT


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