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【Wofoo Tai Po secured 1:0 win over Southern】

Wofoo Tai Po stopped 6 consecutive losses after a Paulinho goal saw it end 1-0 against KC Southern at Aberdeen Sports Ground on 7 Jan in the Sapling Cup.

Wofoo Tai Po has sent three U22s, Kwok Chun Nok, Pang Yam Pung and Kwan Kin Long, to take charge of this battle, and Gabriel has returned to the squad as the captain of this game.

In the early part of the game, our goalkeeper Tse Ka Wing blocked the shots of Stefan Pereira and Awal, helping the team to keep the clean sheet in the first half. Joao Emir was injured and replaced by Luizinho. Two teams finished 0-0 at half time.

After changing sides, Tai Po was under pressure for a while. In the 73rd minute, Paulinho was awarded a penalty after he was brought down in the box by a Southern defender. He scored and gave the away team the lead. Yung Hui To was given his marching orders after receiving a second yellow. Tai Po was down to 10 players. At the end, Tai Po successfully resisted the high pressure attack of the Southern, defeated Southern 1-0, successfully ended the six-game losing streak, and got a first win in the new year.

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