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【Wofoo Tai Po secured a point against BC Rangers with Paulinho's late equalizer】

Wofoo Tai Po challenged BC Rangers, who had famous players such as Lam Ka Wai and Lo Kwan Yee on Sunday afternoon at Hammer Hill Road Sports Ground. Although the team conceded a goal in1st half's stoppage time, Paulinho scored in the stoppage time in 2nd half and regain a point for Tai Po.

At the beginning, Tai Po had a threatening attack: Joao made a direct free-kick but slanted out. Later, Cheng Tsz Sum made a cross from the right, and Law Chun Ting responded with a shot. The ball was first blocked by the goalkeeper, and then blocked by the opponent. The team failed to seize the opportunity to open the record in the early stage. However, in the first half stoppage time, the opponent found the back of the net to put Rangers 1-0 ahead.

After half time, the coach immediately subbed in Chung Wai Keung to strengthen the frontline and also help the team to master the rhythm of the game. In 60th minutes, Naveed made a strong throw-in from the left into the penalty area. Gabriel grabbed a second pass from the penalty area to Joao. He headed the goal but rescued. In 86th minute, Lee Ka Ho's long-range shot was saved. In injury time, goalkeeper Li Hon Ho kick the ball from the midfield into the penalty area. Paulinho put the ball in the back in the net , locking the score at 1:1. Wofoo Tai Po managed to secure a point from behind.

The next match will be Sapling Cup and Green Warriors will face the second-placed HKFC at Mong Kok Stadium at 6 pm on Sunday (November 6). See you later!


BC Rangers 1:1 Wofoo Tai Po|FT


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