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【Wofoo Tai Po secured first win in HKPL with a 4-0 win over Sham Shui Po】

Wofoo Tai Po has claimed their first victory fo HKPL this season with 4-0 wins over Sham Shui Po at Sham Shui Po Sports Ground on Saturday.

Sham Shui Po scored an own goal in the first half, while Wofoo Tai Po scored a goal in the second half by Naveed, Paulinho and Chan Hiu Fung, creating a 4-0 victory at the end.

A SSP own goal following a scramble in the box saw Tai Po go ahead after 9 minutes. After changing sides, the visitors's attack continued. In the 66th minute, Cheng Tsz Sum made a left-footed pass from the right, Naveed shot the ball off the far post to break the net, and Green Warriors took the lead to 2:0. He then passed the ball from the left to nearly 12 yards dot after 9 minutes, and our captain hit the net and the advantage was extended to 3 goals. Only 3 minutes later, Fung Kwun Ming also assisted Paulinho with a shot from outside the box, locking the score at 4:0.

The score of 4:0 also became Wofoo Tai Po's first victory in returning to the HKPL. On October 30th, the team will continue their away trip to face BC Rangers at Hammer Hill Road Sports Ground.


Sham Shui Po 0:4 Wofoo Tai Po|FT


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