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【Wofoo Tai Po will clash against Kitchee on Sunday】

Wofoo Tai Po will face Kitchee at Mong Kok Stadium at 6 pm tomorrow (November 20), hunting the win of the Hong Kon Premier League. The opponent has many experienced local and foreign players on the team. Meanwhile, Tai Po also has a new foreign player from Brazil, Luizinho. Tai Po has met opponents many times in the same season in the past. The two militaries will meet again after a few years, and fans should not miss it.

Green Warrioer's winger Naveed believes that the team is ready: "We have used these two weeks to make adjustments and rehearsals. Everyone are very committed and concentrated. I look forward to playing a wonderful game this Sunday. Even if the opponent is strong, but our whole team is not afraid of this game, and we look forward to a surprise result for everyone.”

As for the atmosphere in the team, Naveed said that the relationship between the players already very good: "I only knew two players when I first came, but as I participated in training every day, everyone has become more and more familiar. We will help each other in the club. The coaches have also put in a lot of effort to guide us. I believe that as long as everyone is united, we will play a good game.”



Kitchee vs Wofoo Tai Po

2022-11-20|18:00|Mong Kok Stadium|$100, $40|RTHK32 & live


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