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Tai Po and RCFC Ends in Stalemate

Wofoo Tai Po came to Tsing Yi Sports Ground yesterday (February 19) and finished with a 0:0 draw against RCFC.

One minute into the game, away team Wofoo Tai Po launched the first attack, and the forward Paulinho shot out of the penalty area from a long distance. Goalkeeper Tse Ka Wing then defended his clean sheet by repeatedly resisting opponents' shots. In the first half, RCFC and Wofoo Tai Po drew 0:0.

After changing sides, Tai Po launched two attacks in a short time. In 46 minutes, Law Chun Ting's crossed into the penalty area, and Chung Wai Keung immediately shot but off target. In 48 minutes, Joao shot high and failed to threaten the opponent's goalkeeper. Later, Tse Ka Wing blocked two shots from Felipe Sa one after another. In the 79th minute, Felipe Sa shot and was rescued by Tse Ka Wing, who was busy in this game.

In the end, RCFC and Wofoo Tai Po drew 0:0, and both sides shared the point.

_______ RCFC 0:0 Wofoo Tai Po| FT

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