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Tai Po Football Club's 20th Anniversary Inauguration Ceremony were successfully held.

Tai Po Football Club's 20th Anniversary Inauguration Ceremony and Poon Choi Festival were successfully held last Sunday (April 30th) under Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree. We would like to thank Lam Tsuen for sponsoring the venue, which allowed us to hold the Poon Choi Festival for a thousand guests. The club also arranged various sports activities for the guests to experience. Our mascot "TBFC" and several game booths were set up throughout the venue. We are also committed to promoting the Lam Tsuen culture and opened up the recreation center, providing free traditional village snacks for our guests to enjoy before the inauguration ceremony and dinner.

We are honored to have many well-known figures from the political and business sectors attend the ceremony. Besides witnessing the new president, Yip Ng Pan Pan, and chairman, Lam Yik Kuen, we also announced that the club will continue to compete in the Hong Kong Premier League next year. Together with the club and supporters of the Tai Po Football Club, we will work hard to move forward.

The successful completion of the ceremony was due to the support and participation of everyone involved. Our players mingled with the guests at the venue, creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The club promises to keep our original intentions in mind and continue to promote football, encouraging the holistic development of young people in the community. In the future, the club will organize a youth sports training base to provide more opportunities for young people to experience different sports and cultivate more young athletes, contributing to the development of Hong Kong's sports industry.

We look forward to seeing you in the future.

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