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Tai Po win over HKU23 to secured 7th-place

Wofoo Tai Po faced HK U23 at the Tai Po Sports Ground yesterday (April 23). As a result, the home team scored a goal in each half with Paulinho and Naveed. the 7th place in the league was locked after 2:1 win.

In the 1st half, the "Green Warrior" first took the opportunity to try to get a shot: Fung Kwun Ming volleyed from the top of the penalty area in 10 minutes. Paulinho's subsequent header was also confiscated. Only 2 minutes later, the opposite kicked Paulinho in the box. After a few seconds of hesitation, the penalty is awarded. Paulinho scored 1:0 for the team. Under the lead, Tai Po continued to attack, and the shots of Cheng Tsz Sum, Paulinho, Chan Hiu Fung and Chung Wai Keung were all saved. Wofoo Tai Po led 1:0 at half time.

After the break, Naveed, who came on as a substitute for only 2 minutes, single-handedly scored his first goal after returning from injury, and the home team led to 2:0. Until 10 minutes before the end of ordinary time, the opponent responded with a corner kick to catch up with the goal. The team was able to maintain the score until the end, beating Hong Kong U23 2:1.

After the game, the team grab 20 points. Because the results of the match were not as good as the HKFC, we will definitely finish the season in seventh place. The finale will be staged at Tai Po Sports Ground at 3pm on May 7, against BC Rangers.


Wofoo Tai Po 2:1 HK U23| FT


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