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Wofoo Tai Po lost 1:2 to HKFC

Wofoo Tai Po played at home yesterday (November 27) to face HKFC, a veteran club that has been in great form this season. HKFC scored twice in the early part of the first half. Although Wofoo Tai Po caught up 1:2 in the second half, we still lost.

Wofoo Tai Po took the initiative, but the opponent's two quick counterattacks succeeded. Two goals behind, the home team actively counterattacked. First, Gabriel's header was confiscated, then Paulinho's close kick was saved, and Luizinho's shot also hit the target but still failed to put the ball into the net. At halftime, Tai Po fell behind 0:2.

At halftime, the "Green Warrior" immediately subbed in Joao and Naveed in an attempt to recover the lost ground, and the substitution took effect immediately. In the 56th minute, Joao took a corner kick from the left. Gabriel headed and found the back of the net. The home team chased to 1:2. After scoring the goal, the team continued to attack aggressively. Cheng Tsz Sum, Fung Kwun Ming, So Yau Tin and Paulinho all failed to return the goal. In the end, Wofoo Tai Po lost to HKFC 1:2.


Wofoo Tai Po 1:2 HKFC|FT


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